Course transfer to UW-Madison

Before your travel abroad, you planned your courses to fulfill any requirements and to make progress toward your major. You also obtained course equivalencies for courses that were not already on the list of courses equated to UW-Madison courses.

While you were abroad, you should have requested permission to take courses that were pre-approved for UW equivalency and possibly may have requested UW equivalency for new foreign courses.

After you return, you will continue to request any outstanding course equivalencies. Make sure your transcript is coming and that it is being sent to IESP.

In order to pursue your course equivalencies effectively, follow the course equivalency process required by IESP.

Once IESP receives the transcript, the courses on your transcript will be matched up with course equivalencies indicated in your MyStudyAbroad account. Once it is confirmed that all equivalencies are approved, your courses will be sent for transfer to your UW-Madison transcript.

Note that all courses taken overseas must be transferred, and the transfer is done in one go once all equivalencies have been received, meaning that we cannot transfer courses as equivalencies come in one by one.

In other words, course equivalencies and grades cannot be posted to your UW-Madison transcript until all are complete. Partial records will not be posted. You have 30 days to review and verify your Grade Report. Consult your Academic Advisor(s) about how your equivalents fit into your degree requirements before your verify the report. IESP will not make changes to your equivalents or grades after your report has been sent to the Office of the Registrar unless there is clear evidence of clerical error. If you have any questions or concerns, indicate this in your MyStudyAbroad account. The sooner you confirm, the sooner your grades will be posted to your transcript. After 30 days, IESP will forward your equivalents and grades to the Office of the Registrar for processing.

All courses and grades must be posted to your UW-Madison transcript within one year of your overseas program participation. Moreover, all courses taken abroad must appear on your UW-Madison transcript; you cannot post courses taken abroad selectively or opt out of having certain courses posted.

The course transfer process takes about four to six weeks from the time IESP sends the file for processing.

IESP cannot order official UW-Madison transcripts or forward official UW-Madison transcripts on a student's behalf. The Office of the Registrar Transcript website has detailed information about how to obtain a transcript. UW-Madison student academic records are available through MyUW for free.