After your return

After coming back from study abroad, you may want to remain connected with the international community on campus, maintain your involvement with international experience, and help others learn about study abroad as well - and maybe even go on study abroad again!

You also should make sure that you use your study abroad effectively for your career, and you should consider obtaining the Certificate in International Engineering.

A number of ways exist in which you can remain involved and support other students' desire to study abroad.

Participate in IESP events

IESP holds an Open House within the first two or three weeks of each semester. Past participants are invited to speak with students in the role of peer advisors about their time abroad in terms of academics, social life, and cultural experiences.

IESP also invites past participants to help with orientations for students going to the same international site, as past participants provide valuable information about the experience to students getting ready to study abroad.

IESP also does presentations to promote study abroad in various classes and at meetings of student organizations and clubs.

After you return, let IESP know you would like to participate in these activities and events.

Attend campus international events

International Student Services (ISS) also holds events for students, and you may want to attend these cultural and social events to remain connected with international culture and to get to know others at UW-Madison in those circles. One event is the weekly coffee and conversation hour, to which all are invited, whether U.S. nationals or international students. Groups connected with ISS include Madison Friends of International Students. Other events run by ISS include culturally themed meals and performances. For more information, visit ISS's web site.

Further your career

Note your study abroad on your resume, and be sure to bring up your experiences abroad - and what you learned professionally and culturally - in job interviews.

Learn more about marketing your international experience.

Consider completing requirements to obtain the Certificate in International Engineering, a credential that appears on your transcript and testifies to your preparedness for an international career.

If you want a work experience abroad, explore the following possibilities:

  • International internships can offer valuable work experience. Contact Engineering Career Services for information on available internships.
  • IAESTE is a student organization that helps with international internships in technical fields.
  • Engineers without Borders is a national group that conducts engineering projects overseas. Contact the UW-Madison chapter to learn more.

Provide IESP with photos and promotional materials by filling out MyStudyAbroad Experience

IESP needs photographs and student information for its brochure and other promotional materials. If you are interested in providing photos and a testimonial, please fill out the MyStudyAbroad Experience of MyStudyAbroad and/or contact IESP.

Study abroad again!

Students are more than welcome to study abroad on IESP programs again, if they can make it work academically. Now that you've already had the experience and are ready for it, you can go again!