Online resources for travelers

Countries and regions

Region- and city-specific information sources such as tourism sites, city web sites and the equivalent of the local chamber of commerce are also good online resources.

The U.S. State Department and its Bureau of Consular Affairs (Travel.State.Gov) also provide extensive web resources, including:

Plane tickets

STA Travel
(800) 535-7172

Unit conversion

Digital Dutch unit converter

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Currency conversion

Culture, gender, sexuality


Half the Earth: Women's Experience of Travel Worldwide, eds. Miranda Davies, Laura Longrigg and Lucinda Montefiore

A Journey of One's Own: Uncommon Advice for the Independent Woman Traveler, by Thalia Zepatos


A World of Options, published by Mobility International USA (MIUSA), P.O. Box 3551, Eugene, OR 97403

The Real Guide: Able to Travel, by Alison Walsh.

Holiday and Travel Abroad: A Guide for Disabled People. Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation (RADAR), 25 Mortimer Street, London W1N 8AB ENGLAND

Travel for the Disabled: A Handbook of Travel Resources and 500 Worldwide Access Guides, by Helen Hecker. Twin Peaks Press, P.O. Box 129, Vancouver, WA 98666

Sexual identity

The Third Pink Book: A global view of lesbian and gay liberation and oppression, eds. Aart Hendriks, Rob Tielman and Evert van der Veen, 1993

Spartacus: International Gay Guide, pub. Bruno Gmunder, 2001-02 ed.

Out in the World: International Lesbian Organizing, by Shelly Anderson

Out in the World: Gay and lesbian life from Buenos Aires to Bangkok, by Neil Miller

Are you two. . . together? A gay and lesbian travel guide to Europe, by Lindsey Van Gelder and Pamela Brandt

UW's University International Travel Committee's Considerations for LGBTIQ Travel Abroad