Academics overseas

While study abroad is about lessons both in and outside the classroom, the coursework is substantive and will help your student make progress toward her degree. It is a misperception that study abroad is a vacation; students will be challenged academically as well as otherwise. The engineering schools that are UW-Madison's study abroad partners are chosen carefully to reflect our academic level.

Course credits

All International Engineering Studies & Programs study abroad participants earn UW-Madison course credits for the work they complete abroad. This means that the credits they earn while on a study abroad program will appear on their transcripts with a UW-Madison department number, course title, and pass or fail grade. Pass/fail grades allow students to take courses abroad, often in a foreign language, while maintaining their GPAs.

Before students go abroad, they are required to choose courses that will maintain their full-time student status at UW-Madison while abroad, and fulfill major and graduation requirements. They must also meet with an advisor in their department to get approval for their study abroad program.


The study abroad programs through International Engineering Studies & Programs are, above all, academic. They are not vacations in foreign countries. Students are expected to attend class and meet all course requirements during the time abroad. Pass/fail marks in courses taken abroad will be on your student's transcripts as if the course had been taken in Madison. All classes abroad will be reported to the Registrar's Office and posted onto their UW-Madison transcript.