Courses while overseas

Declaring your courses abroad

Now that you’re in your program abroad – and once your course enrollments have settled down -- you will need to notify IESP of the courses you enroll in and that will appear on your transcript.

You are responsible for keeping IESP informed of course enrollments and any changes, so that when the time comes, your courses can be transferred to UW-Madison with minimal delay or problems.

We recommend strongly that you keep copies of your course syllabi (and bring them back with you when you return to the United States), in case these are needed for course approvals.

To inform IESP about your courses abroad, about one month into your semester, you will need to request permission to take pre-approved courses from your program's course list through MyStudyAbroad.

If some of these courses need to have UW-Madison equivalent courses approved, you should request this approval using MyStudyAbroad by creating a new CER. Please note that you will need to upload a detailed copy of your syllabus.

To do at this stage:

  • Remember that you MUST take the equivalent of 12-18 UW-Madison credits per term
  • Remember that you MUST take 50% of your classes in engineering, science, or math
  • Keep copies of all syllabi
  • Refer to credit scales as you enroll
  • Request permission to take pre-approved courses through MyStudyAbroad about one month after classes begin
  • Request new course equivalencies through MyStudyAbroad as soon as possible
  • Refer to information on the course equivalency process

Courses at the UW for the semester you return

While you’re abroad, and if you’re coming back to UW-Madison for the next semester, make sure you enroll for courses at the UW the way you normally would, through MyUW, to make sure that you can make a smooth academic transition back to Madison.