Health insurance and services

Health insurance

The United States health system is possibly very different from your home country's health system. Here, doctor appointments are expensive, and a small accident can leave you in enormous debt. For your protection, all international students registered at UW-Madison are required to have SHIP (Student Health Insurance Plan) or another health-insurance plan that SHIP determines to be a suitable alternative.

Visit the web site for Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). In the "International Student" section, you can read about SHIP, get more detailed information on the program, view the premiums and terms, enroll in SHIP, see the criteria for a waiver on the Waiver Application, and print the waiver form.

Unfortunately, you do not have the authority to make the decision whether any existing health-insurance plan you may have is comparable to SHIP or whether you can opt out. You must complete a waiver form, mail or fax it to the SHIP Office, and wait for SHIP to evaluate your policy. If your policy is determined to be suitable, the SHIP office will grant a waiver and not enroll you in SHIP. If it is determined not to meet the specific requirements, you will be enrolled and billed for SHIP.

Please be warned that the insurance requirement is mandatory, with no exception. All students must have either SHIP or an insurance plan that has been approved by SHIP.

You can sign up online through the SHIP web site.

Health services

University Health Services provides a range of medical and counseling services for UW students, and as an exchange student enrolled at UW-Madison, you are eligible for these services as well. Most fees for the services are included with your enrollment at UW-Madison; you may have to pay small copayments for some medications and services.

UHS is located at 333 East Campus Mall, floors 5 through 8. For information or services, call (608) 265-5600 or visit University Health Services.