Incoming engineering exchange

If you are an engineering student from a country other than the United States, and you wish to study as an exchange student in the College of Engineering at UW-Madison, these pages are for you!

In this section, you will find application forms and information, as well as information on course selection and enrollment, traveling to the United States, housing, health care and health insurance, living in Madison, as well as information on academic and general U.S. culture.

Application guidelines

Application deadlines are March 1st for students hoping to study in Madison during the following fall term or academic year, and October 1st for students hoping to study in the spring term. Please contact IESP at if you'd like to submit an application after these deadlines. Late applications will be accepted on a space-available basis.

Please have your exchange coordinator submit all of the following application materials to International Engineering Studies & Programs ( or to the address listed here. Electronic and hard copies are acceptable.

1. IESP Cover Sheet for incoming students (PDF or Word)

2. The UW Electronic Application for Admission (using these instructions)

  • IMPORTANT: You must use your name exactly as it appears on your passport when completing this application.

3. Official University Transcript

  • The transcript should list all undergraduate and graduate courses you have taken and the grades you received.
  • Must have official university stamp or seal (handwritten forms are not accepted).
  • Must be in English or be an original accompanied by an English translation.

4. TOEFL Score Report

Acceptable minimum scores are:

  • Paper test: 577 (out of 677)
  • Computer test: 233 (out of 300)
  • Internet test: 90 (out of 120)

Send a copy of your TOEFL Score Report with the rest of your application materials.

IESP will also accept other ESL tests including the IELTS and the Michigan Test. Please contact us for more information.

5. Statement of Financial Support

The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service requires that international students studying in the United States show that they have enough financial resources for their stay. In order to be approved for your student visa, therefore, you must prove you have available an amount of support equal to at least $16,000/academic year or $7,200/semester.

This proof must come in one of the following forms:

  • An original bank statement in your name, dated within the last three months, showing a balance in the amount required
  • An original Certificate of Financial Support signed both by your parents (or financial sponsor) and his/her bank. If the bank will not sign the Certification of Financial Support, you can submit the Certification of Financial Support signed only by your parent (or financial sponsor) and either a bank statement in that person's name or a different letter from the bank with the bank's signature and official seal.
  • If your sponsor is a corporation or university, submit an original award letter from that sponsor stating the exact amount and term of that financial support.

6. Transcript Release Form

7. DS-2019 Application (PDF or Word)

8. A copy of your passport

9. Course Enrollment plan (Word). Please consult the general class search to determine when courses are likely to be offered in the semester(s) you plan to study at UW-Madison. As engineering students participating on an engineering exchange, at least 50% must be engineering courses selected from the College of Engineering (excluding courses from Engineering Professional Development or InterEGR). If you need a syllabus for a course you would like to take and have it equated at your home institution, please email the exchange coordinator:

Note: Please spell your name on all forms in a consistent manner as it is spelled in your passport! It is imperative that all your immigration and student documentation match.

10. Dual citizens: If you are a dual citizen with the US, you must decide if you will enter on your US or other country's passport. If you enter on your US passport, you will not need to submit some of the above materials and will not need to apply for a visa, however you will be coded as a domestic student in our system. As a result you will pay more for your mandatory SHIP insurance plan and may not be notified of activities for international students.