Turkey (Inactive)

Quick Facts

Language of instruction: English

Language requirement: None

GPA requirement: 3.0 cumulative.

Must have met engineering progression requirements to apply.

Application deadline:

  • March 1 for Fall or Academic Year
  • October 1 for Spring

Approximate Academic Calendar:

Fall: Mid-September to late January

Spring: Mid February to mid-June

Duration: Fall, Spring or Academic year


The program in Turkey is run through IESP. Please refer to the METU website for more information about the institution.

Middle East Technical University (Ankara)

METU Study Abroad Office


You must carry the equivalent of 12-18 UW credits while abroad, as determined through a scale for credit equivalency. You can take any course abroad that you can get approved as equivalent to a UW course; learn how to get courses equated. You can also choose from a list of courses already approved as equivalent to UW courses:

To view all METU courses that have been equated and their UW equivalents go to IESP's Existing Equivalencies page.

Consult the METU course catalog and review course lists and descriptions for various departments.


The following sample budgets will give you an idea of the costs involved. These amounts are approximate and will vary based on the actual program you attend, your own spending, and the current currency exchange rate. As you budget for your study abroad, make sure you plan for these contingencies. Check current exchange rates online at OANDA.com or XE.com.

Tuition and fees: University of Wisconsin-Madison tuition
UW program fee: $600
UW-mandated CISI health insurance: $34/month
On-campus Housing: $100-450/month
Off-campus Housing: $200-350/month unfurnished
Meals: $2,000/semester
Residence Permit: $20/academic year
Miscellaneous expenses (laundry, books, supplies, etc.): $900
Roundtrip travel: $900
Local transportation: $300/academic year
Student visa: $100

Entertainment, vacation and travel costs vary widely.

Host institutions may also require students to purchase their insurance policies in addition to CISI.


On-campus housing is available. METU will coordinate your housing. There is an accommodation application to complete if on-campus housing is desired, which can be found on the accomodation section of METU's international page.


**Because IESP is in the process of changing our application process, students planning on applying to METU for the Spring 2016 semester should wait to apply until after September 1, 2015. **

1) Review METU's application requirements and complete their application form.

2) Complete the IESP Application Cover Sheet (PDF or Word) and print it.

3) Submit ALL application materials directly to IESP; do not send them to the institution to which you are applying.

If you have an up-to-date passport please submit a copy of it with your application, otherwise start applying for a passport as soon as possible.

Transcripts can be obtained by either (1) visiting the Office of the Registrar at 333 East Campus Mall or by (2) ordering them online via MyUW. Either option is free. Please note that hard copy transcripts ordered online may take up to 10 business days to arrive through the mail. Transcripts ordered online are available for pick-up the same day.

If you have any questions, contact IESP.