Mexico (Inactive)

Quick Facts

Language of instruction: Spanish

Language requirement: Spanish 204 or its equivalent is required for participation.

Class standing requirement: students must have met engineering progression requirements

GPA requirement: 3.0 cumulative

Application deadline:

  • March 1 for Fall or Academic Year
  • October 1 for Spring

Approximate Academic Calendar:

Fall: Early August to early December

Spring: early January to mid/late May

Duration: Fall, Spring or Academic year


The program at the Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) is run through IESP. Please refer to ITESM's web site for more information.

ITESM International Office


You must carry the equivalent of 12-18 UW credits while abroad, as determined through a scale for credit equivalency. At least 50% of the courses you take abroad must be in engineering, science, or math. You can take any course abroad that you can get approved as equivalent to a UW course; learn how to get courses equated.

Consult the Monterrey course catalog by following this link to see a list of all department pages, then visiting specific department pages.


The following sample budgets will give you an idea of the costs involved. These amounts are approximate and will vary based on the actual program you attend, your own spending, and the current currency exchange rate. As you budget for your study abroad, make sure you plan for these contingencies. Check current exchange rates online at or

Tuition and fees: University of Wisconsin-Madison tuition
UW program fee: $600
UW-mandated CISI health insurance: $35/month
Semester: $190-$300 per week (dorm), $115-$150 per week (family stay)
Books: $100
Roundtrip travel: $800

Entertainment, vacation and travel costs vary widely.

Host institutions may also require students to purchase their insurance policies in addition to CISI.


On or off-campus housing is available. ITESM will either assign a dormitory or assist you with finding an apartment.


There is currently a US State Department Travel Warning in place for Mexico and this program is not currently active.

If you have any questions, contact IESP.