Quick Facts

The program at Kyushu University focuses on learning Japanese language and culture as well as taking technical classes and humanities classes taught in English. Research projects are offered for full-year students.

Language of instruction: English and Japanese

Language requirement: None. Students must have an interest in learning the Japanese language. Students who have strong Japanese language skills may take engineering classes taught in Japanese.

Eligibility requirement: Engineering students in good academic standing.

GPA requirement: 3.2 cumulative GPA

Class standing requirements: Students must have met engineering progression requirements to apply.

Application deadline:

  • February 1 for Academic Year (or fall term- see note below)
  • October 1 for Spring

Approximate Academic Calendar:

Spring semester (start of school year in Japan): early April to August/September

Fall semester: Early October to mid February/late March

Duration and notes: Fall or Spring semester or Academic Year. The fall semester ends after the UW's spring semester has already begun, so you cannot plan to study at UW for subsequent spring semester.


The program at Kyushu University is run through IESP. Please refer to the university's web pages for more information:


You must carry the equivalent of 12-18 UW credits while abroad, as determined through a scale for credit equivalency. At least 50% of the courses you take abroad must be in engineering, science, or math. You can take any course abroad that you can get approved as equivalent to a UW course; learn how to get courses equated. You can also choose from a list of courses already approved as equivalent to UW courses. To view all Kyushu University courses that have been equated and their UW equivalents go to Kyushu's equivalency list on the 'Academics' tab at the bottom of the page.

Consult the Kyushu University English-language course catalog (select 'Degree Programs in English' from the left margin) and the course offerings through the English program for foreigners, Japan in Today's World. The syllabi for these courses are available to view. Kyushu University offers three programs for exchange students including the opportunity to take some courses in English in various subjects (including engineering), their "Japan in Today's World" program and students with advanced Japanese language skills can take engineering courses alongside local students. Kyushu offers courses in several engineering departments as well as a limited selection of other subjects in the humanities and sciences. Most courses are worth 2 UW credits, so students should work closely with advisors prior to departure to determine courses that will fulfill degree requirements. Credit is not awarded to all Japanese Training & many Japanese Language courses. See their website for details.


Interested students may apply for a Freeman Award for Study in Asia. Learn more about this scholarship by visiting the Institute of International Education's website. Students may also apply for a Bridging Scholarship for Study in Japan, a scholarship through the Japan American Society of Chicago, or a scholarship through the Itoh Scholarship Foundation for Study in Japan.

The current cost estimates can be found on the Japan program page. Click on the "Cost" link and then on the program term that you plan to attend (ex: Fall 2017-18).

The amounts are approximate and will vary based on the actual program you attend, your own spending, and the current currency exchange rate. As you budget for your study abroad, make sure you plan for these contingencies. Check current exchange rates online at OANDA.com or XE.com.


Kyushu University offers on-campus housing (dormitories).


1) Apply through this IESP application.

2) In order to complete the IESP application, for Kyushu University (Fukuoka), apply online through the admissions page; scroll down to find the link to the Japan in Today's World (name of the exchange program) application.

3) Submit any original/official application materials directly to IESP through the online application; do not send them to the institution to which you are applying.

Transcripts can be obtained by either (1) visiting the Office of the Registrar at 333 East Campus Mall or by (2) ordering them online via MyUW. Either option is free. Please note that hard copy transcripts ordered online may take up to 10 business days to arrive through the mail. Transcripts ordered online are available for pick-up the same day.

If you have any questions, contact IESP.