Quick Facts

Language of instruction: English

Language requirement: None.

GPA requirement: 2.5 cumulative

Priority deadline: TBD

Approximate Program Dates

May 15 July 13, 2019


Location: Hangzhou, China

Affiliated Institution: Zheijang University

Trips/Excursions: Guided tour of places of interest in the region, industrial and cultural visits (to be determined)


Two engineering courses offered for six credits taught by UW faculty, plus one credit of East Asian Studies, EAS 301.

Engineering course offerings can change each summer. The program expects to offer EPD 397 (Technical Communication) and ME 306 (Mechanics of Materials) in Summer 2019.


The current cost estimates can be found on the China program page. Click on the "Cost" link and then on the program term that you plan to attend (ex: Summer 2019).

Interested students may apply for a Chou Kuo Ping award (apply through Scholarships@UW) or a Freeman Award for Study in Asia (apply through the Institute of International Education).


Housing: On-campus dormitory in single or double rooms
Meals: On-campus cafeterias and local restaurants


Students should be aware of the following things, which affect eligibility for this program.

  • Grade of AB or higher in ESL 118 (if taken) is required
  • Grade of B or higher in Comm A
  • Priority will be given to students without prior experience in Asia
  • Priority will be given to students who will enroll in all courses offered
  • Grade of B or higher in all prerequisite courses is required

Steps to Apply

Complete the IESP application.

If you have an up-to-date passport please submit a copy of it with your application, otherwise apply immediately (not doing so will delay the visa process for the entire group).

If you have any questions, contact IESP.