Choosing courses abroad

An important consideration for students planning to study abroad is the courses they will take. Here is a brief overview of the key things you must consider as you think about the courses you will take while abroad.

Academic considerations

You must be in good academic standing at the UW-Madison in order to participate in IESP programs. You must also have a minimum GPA of 3.0 for most programs.

Course credits

You must be enrolled as a full-time student abroad, and your course credits abroad must be equal to no fewer than 12 (some programs may require a higher minimum) and no more than 18 UW-Madison credits. Courses taken abroad toward your (CoE) engineering major will be posted to UW transcripts as pass/fail. Courses taken abroad that count towards a non-engineering major (including BSE in CALS) or certificate will be posted with A-F grades. Participants on IESP programs must take at least 50% of their courses in engineering, science, or math.

Selecting courses overseas

You are advised to plan ahead, taking the majority of your core major courses while at the UW. If possible, plan to take at least some of your elective courses abroad. This will give you maximal flexibility when selecting courses at the overseas institution.

When considering programs, look at the courses already equated to UW-Madison courses for the programs you are interested in, but remember that you are not restricted to taking courses from this list and can get other courses abroad equated to UW-Madison courses.You can begin this process by following the steps listed on IESP's Equivalency Process page. Once approved, courses will be transferred to your UW transcript.

Go to the web site of the institution you are interested in attending and look at the department listings and course catalogs online to determine whether courses (already approved or not) you would be interested in taking are offered at the time you want to study abroad.

Remember also that you are not restricted to only engineering courses, but can take other courses abroad as well. These courses include regional language and culture courses, which can count toward a Certificate in International Engineering. These courses also fulfill humanities and social science credits required for engineering majors.

All courses taken abroad must be converted to UW courses.